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We have had several people ask what "near chrome" paint looks like. We also have had several people wondering what powder coating looks like period. So we put together a before and after shot of some rusted chrome legs from a 1978 Gottlieb Dragon pinball machine.

NOTE : Several people have asked that "near chrome" be applied to engine parts. We don't suggest that you do this and in some cases we can't do this because the "near chrome" powder is not a high temp powder. The heat of the engine will make the powder flake off over time.

Please note that the colors you see are only provided as a sample. The shades of the colors shown below will differ from one computer to the next due to settings for your video card and monitor.

Before Powder Coating

[Condition before the powder coating] As you can see, the last 20 years have created a lot of rust towards the bottom of each leg. The legs on the left and right were on the front of the machine so they took a lot of abuse from people kicking the legs with their shoes. I would guess that a floor mop added a lot of water on them whenever the floor was cleaned.
View a Close-Up
Here is a closer view. Notice how rough the surface is on the leg below
[Close up after the powder coating]

After Powder Coating

[Condition before the powder coating] Wow! At first glance it looks like actual chrome was put on the legs. In reality the chrome was sandblasted off and the powder was applied. But don't get too excited, as we mentioned in our Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) page, powder coating is not the same as body work. This means that if the surface is rough it will be pretty much the same after powder coating. Sandblasting will get rid of a lot of it but not everything as noted in the pictues below.
View a Close-Up
Here is a closer view after the sandblasting and powder coating. Notice how the surface of the leg is much smoother but still shows the pitted metal.
[Close up after the powder coating]

The Finished Product

With all of that said, the legs look 100% better than before and most people do not notice anything until I point out the flaws in the metal. Of course if I would have grinded down the metal more the pitts would have been less noticable but I think this is a good example of what "near chrome" looks like and how metal quality affects the overall finish.

[Condition before the powder coating] [Condition before the powder coating]


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