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Here are some samples of our work. Check back every few weeks for new pictures.

Scott sent us a picture of the rims we did for his sweet 1999 VFR in Bengal Silver.

The rims look terrific.

Best regards,

You can also review this link for details on how he prepared the rims for powder coating.
1999 VFR in Bengal Silver
This sweet looking Corvette value cover was done in Amethyst using Eastwood powder.

Amethyst Corvette value cover
We did the rims for this AWESOME 2008 Ninja 250r done in Tiger Drylac RAL6018 (from the color chart).  
2008 Ninja 250r Wheel 1 2008 Ninja 250r Wheel 2
2008 Ninja 250r Wheel 1
We received this very nice e-mail from the owners of the bike:
  "I noticed you put me up in the gallery and I wanted to thank you for the honor. I am so proud of you guys and the work you did. I get so many complements on the wheels, in person and online. I think it looks amazing and so do a lot of other people. I got the March 2009 Bike of the month from Kawasaki-- the first time a 250cc bike has ever won. I think it was in large due to the wheels. I always pass your name along to anyone who seems interested in doing their 250r wheels and [] is mentioned when I have to list my mods. The price was outstanding for the quality of your work. Thanks again for making my little 250 the nicest one in the country.

Joe and Heather"
Joe & Heather, It's an honor to show your prize winning bike on our site. Thanks for the kind words about!
Here is a seat leg/frame from Soldier Field where Da Bears play.

The first picture says it all on how much abuse the leg took. Bear Fans dropped salt, ketchup, soda pop, beer and who knows what else on the seats. If that's not enough don't forget about Chicago's legendary cold winters. Nothing like letting seats rust in snow all winter long.

The second picture shows how sand blasting removed the rust and smoothed the pitted metal.

The last picture is the result of Kevin's hard work restoring the leg to almost new condition.
Bears stadium seat with heavy rust Bears stadium seat after sand blasting Bears stadium seat restored like new
"Before" Sand Blasted Like New!
We are beaming with pride after we received this e-mail from Josh!  
Snare Drum "Attached is the picture of the snare drum with the hoops and lugs done by you guys. As you can see it turned out magnificently. Strong durable finish, with that high gloss I was looking for. Much better than the previous coating that was on it. Now my friend wants his drums done from you guys. I'll be sticking with powder perfect for future projects. Thanks again."
We get requests to powder coat the gun on the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" pinball machine all the time. We did this one in black.

Star Trek: The Next Generation pinball machine gun "I am EXTREMELY pleased with the quality of the job, and would not hesitate to recommend Powder Perfect to fellow pinball collectors!

We did the rims on this Hummer.
The quote on the right is from
Hummer H2 rims. "I found a guy in Tonica, IL (way, way South). ( I checked in the Chicago area with no luck--everyone that I called seemed to have the same price but when it came to sandblasting, forget about it. Then, when they found out it was for an H2, they would say, "$$Hummer$$?".
The guy at Powderperfect was great. I bought 4 take-offs and delivered them myself, then picked them up later. Actually, they are metal flake when you get close. -- is that considered bling? Inert-bling maybe. If you are getting new rims, you might just have them shipped to Powderperfect and then go pick them up."
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