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Custom Powder Coating

C O L O R S !

Here is a sample of the colors we offer. If you do not see the color you want, just ask! Powder Perfect can get almost any color under the rainbow!

PLEASE NOTE: Colors you see here are only provided as a sample. Samples viewd on a computer vary in shade due to video card or montor settings.

A Word About Color Charts.
We get hundreds of request for color charts, unfortunately charts are expensive to make so they are only offered to powder coating companies.

Now Eastwood is offering color charts for the colors they stock. The purchase price of these charts is well worth the money to get the color you want. Although Powder Perfect uses powder from Tiger Drylac, we have used Eastwood on prior orders and will be happy to use one for your order as well. If you purchase a chart and want to use Eastwood colors you must purchase the powder from Eastwood and send it to us with your order. PLEASE contact us BEFORE you order the powder so we can tell you the proper amount of powder to purchase. Also, you will not get any remaing powder back (usually it's all gone). In most cases we can recommend a cheaper priced (same quality) powder that we already have in stock, which will save you some shipping charges from Eastwood.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or take 60 seconds (literally) and fill out a free estimate form and mention the Eastwood color you want to use.

Color charts are availble for purchase in the supplies area.