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Custom Powder Coating

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about powder coating. If you have a question not covered here feel free to contact us here.

Q. Can you sand blast my parts?

A. Yes! The quotes we send include minor sand blasting to remove surface rust. For an extra charge we also sand blast parts with heavy rust. If you require sand blasting please mention it in your quote.

Q. Can you chrome my parts?

A. No. We found a company that does a very nice job re-chroming bumpers and restoring trim for old cars. Send us a Free Quote describing what you need and we will put you in contact with them.

Q. I would like you to sandblast and powder coat the fenders, doors, hood and truck lid for my car. Can you do that?

A. We can powder coat but we can't sandblast the metal. The reason we can't sandblast the metal is because it will warp. In general, you only want to sandblast heavy gauge metal such as wheels, frames, suspension parts, drive shafts, etc. For body parts on a car or truck we suggest you sand them down by hand or with tools designed for refinishing. You can also take them to your local body shop.

Q. Do you do any type of polishing?

A. No. We suggest that you find a metal plating shop since those services go hand in hand.

Q. If the item I want to powder coat is dented or scratched will the powder coating remove the imperfections?

A. No. If the item you want to powder coat has imperfections the imperfections will still be there after the process is complete. The only difference is that they will have a really nice finish! But seriously, if you want a perfect finish then the surface of the item must be perfect also. In general, a clean smooth surface will produce an excellent finish. Click here to view a picture of something that has been powder coated with an imperfect finish.

Q. Do you do body work on cars, trucks, etc.?

A. No. We are not a body shop.

Q. I have an engine that I need to powder coat and assemble. Do you do that?

A. No. We can powder coat the items but we do not assemble single orders.

Q. I have many parts I want powder coated and assembled. Do you do that?

A. Maybe. Please contact us here for special requests.

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Q. I live far away and can't drop my item off. Can I ship it to you?

A. Yes! Most of our customers ship their parts to us. After you receive your FREE quote send your parts to the address listed on the Contact Us page.

Q. Can you tell me how much it will be to ship a ...?

A. No, but we have an easy way to find out. Since we don't know your address and the exact size and weight of your parts we can't quote you a price. You can ship with, Fed Ex or the US Post Office. Any carrier will do but we suggest you use a service that uses tracking numbers. Please remember that you are responsible for shipping your package to and from Powder Perfect so ask the shipper for a return label.

Q. I can't drop my item off and it's too big to ship. Can you pick it up?

A. Not us but check out this site or maybe these people can if you are in the Chicagoland area:

Northwestern Loyola Student Movers Inc
(773) 262-7160
6355 N Broadway St #17
Chicago, IL 60660

YOU MUST RECEIVE A QUOTE AND CONTACT US FIRST but feel free to get a delivery quote from this company. If you still can't get your parts delivered then please contact us and we will try to help you.

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Q. What methods of payment do you accept? Official PayPal Seal

A. We believe that customers who pay by cash should not have to pay extra because we offer payment by credit card. To keep costs down for both of us we accept cash or a cashiers check. We also accept personal checks but we will hold your order until the check clears.
CREDIT CARDS: We offer credit card payment through PayPal®. Please be aware that a 3% fee will be added to the total amount of your order to cover the costs of credit card processing.

Q. What will it cost?

A. Powder Perfect is a custom shop. This means that each order is different from the last. We have had orders to powder coat car and motorcycle parts, outdoor artwork, airplane parts, guns, iron furniture, ski poles, bicycles, snare drums, and antique electric fans to name a few. As you can see, a price list really won't cover all that can be powder coated. So, in place of a price list, we offer our PowderQuote system. Just fill out a few questions on this site and we will send you an e-mail with a quote for your item. Best of all the quote is FREE! So give it a try by clicking here!

Q. Do you have a minimum order size?

A. No. We do have a minimum order COST of $35.00. If you have several small parts and you are thinking of having them done one at a time your costs could be more in the long run. If you're not sure if your parts will make the minimum cost requirement please fill out a free quote here. We will return a free estimate to you.

Q. Can I at least get a general idea of the cost before sending you a quote?

A. You can take a look at our sample price list but a quote is FREE, specific to the item(s) you want powder coated and we promise we will not hassle you with a ton of e-mails in the future. Sending a quote is easy, fast and FREE. Give it a try by clicking here!

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Q. What is Powder Perfect?

A. Powder Perfect is a custom powder coating shop located in the Midwest serving the entire United States. We specialize in custom orders of ferrous and nonferrous metals that larger powder coating companies will not handle such as car and truck frames, lawn furniture, automobile parts, and various other metal items. If you only have one small part or several larger items we can help!

Q. Why should I send in a quote?

A. The main reason is to give you an exact price for the exact work you want done. Most of the time your quote will be the actual price paid. The only time a quote changes is when the item sent is not what was described in the quote. If you say your car parts don't need sand blasting then send us rusty parts the quote will change. That's not what normally happens but it is a good example of why a quote will change. A quote will also point out prices for various colors. A gloss black color is much cheaper than a silver/black custom mix. We will do a custom mix but your wallet might object to the price. In general a quote will set the expectations for both parties so there are no surprises along the way.

Q. I sent you a quote but have not received a response in the last two business day. Why?

A. E-mail systems fail frequently so if we do not contact you then we did not get your quote or we sent you a quote that never made it to you. This happens because the address you provided may have been incorrect, your SPAM filter thought the quote was junk mail, your mailbox is full, a provider may be 'down', and so on. Please contact us again if you do not receive your quote after two business days. You can also call us at 815-228-7011. We will answer calls from 6:00am until 9:00pm CST.

Q. How can I contact you?

A. Using our Contact Us form is the best way to contact us. We check for messages several times a day so if you have a question we should be able to get back to you in a few hours. A quote will still take the normal time to respond to since we have to check availability for the color you want and determine the cost for your particular item. Please click here for more contact information

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Q. What is Powder Coating?

A. Powder coating is a process of electrostatically applying dry particles of pigment and resin onto a part. The part is then placed in a curing oven resulting in a continuous coating that is durable, high quality, and has no porosity. If you still want to know more check out this video from Eastwood.

Q. What is the benefit of powder coating?

A. Powder coating is a durable scratch and chemical resistant finish. Unlike the common liquid coatings, there are no solvents to evaporate in the powder coating process. A finished powder coated product will not have the microscopic holes in the paint that liquid coatings have. Since there are no holes, a powder coated product has excellent corrosion protection which makes it ideal for items left out in the elements such as lawn furniture.

Powder coating is also environmentally friendly since the process does not emit volatile organic compounds that normal liquid coatings do.

Powder coating provides superior edge coverage and powder coated parts virtually have no drips, runs, or sags so your part will have a high quality and durable finish.

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Q. What about my privacy?

A. We respect your privacy, so only Powder Perfect employees (there are 4) are allowed to view the information we collect. Information provided is used to respond with a quote or answers to your questions.

The information is also used to measure our business so that we may improve our services. If you want us to purge your information contact us and provide the name, email or phone your orginally contacted us with and it will be removed in 10-15 business days.

We may post a picture of our work, which may be your property. If you send us comments we may post them and your first name or alias if provided. If you no longer want your comments or pictures posted please contact us and we will remove them from the website ASAP. If you have any questions about our privacy policy please contact us.

We hate SPAM and junk mail as much as you do and do not wish to add to the problem.

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