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Custom Powder Coating

Sample Price List

Several customers have asked for a price list. We are a custom shop, so every order will be different due to size, color, shape, etc. but we hope the list below provides a good ballpark for what you have in mind. Please be aware that your price almost certainly will be different and may be lower or higher than the approximate prices. To receive a FREE quote with a price specific to your needs click here.

Item Approx. Price
Automobile Frame$650 - $800
Automobile Rims (set of 4)$250 - $350
Motorcycle Frame $175 - $250
Motorcycle Rims (set of 2)$150 - $250
Bicycle Frame (including forks)$75 - $90
Arcade Control Panel$40 - $50
Arcade Coin Door (single w/Frame)$35 - $45
Small Items 25" x 25" x 25" or less$35 - $50

Here's a list of items we have done in the past.

Category Item(s)
Aircraft PartsYokes, Panels, etc.
Automobile Upper Control Arms, Oilpan
Automobile Frame, Aluminum Intake Manifold
Automobile Disc Brake Calipers, Grill Guard
Automobile Valve Covers, Bumpers, Leaf Springs
Automobile Coil Springs, Roll Bar
Automobile Axle Housing, Driveshaft, Skid Plate
Automobile Many more items, too much to list.
MotorcycleRims, Frame, Handle Bar, etc.
BoatCabin Door, Rims, Frame, Handle Bar, etc.
BicycleFrame, Forks, Crank Arms, Handle Bars, etc.
ATVFrame, Swingarm, Wheels, etc.
SnowmobileSuspension Springs, etc.
Go CartFrame, etc.
Lawn TractorFrame, Blade, etc.
Furniture Patio Table & Chairs, etc.
ArcadePinball Legs, Coin Door/Frame
Misc. Antique Electric Fan, Steel Cabinet
Misc. Aluminum Tubing, Plates & Panels, Bolts,
Misc. Computer Case, Brackets, Odd Shapes Items
Misc. Drum Lugs, Rims & Stands, Metal Phone
Misc. Paintball guns (sorry, no artwork such as flames)
Misc. Wrought Iron Fencing, Parking Meter
Misc. Antique Electric Fan, Snow Plow, Iron Bed etc.
Misc. Many more items, too much to list.